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with the rapid advancement of global scientific, technological, and industrial revolutions, it is inevitable for manufacturing to transform and upgrade, which requires increasingly higher machining accuracy in industrial production, leading to the wide application of grating scales. Guangdong Grating and Digital Display Technology Co., Ltd., as a technology company specializing in the research, development, and manufacturing of linear grating scales and digital displays, with its advanced high-precision grating technology, leads the industry and attracts much attention, being sharp at R & D and technological innovation. The accuracy of grating scales determines the quality of a CNC machine. For the research on and manufacturing of high-precision grating scales, Guangdong Grating gathers all resources to form a high-caliber R & D team. Based on optical design, electronic design, and machine design, the team persists in technological exploration. In its grating scales and encoders, Guangdong Grating applies the transmission or reflection technology based on optical principles and the single-field scanning imaging technology, to ensure high-quality signals with minimized interpolation errors. In terms of electronic design, it applies the next-generation electronic integrated component technology to collect high-quality signals at a high speech and the nm-level resolution. It applies advanced mechanical technology and uses titanium and stainless steel in the design to smart-create a highly innovative and reliable measuring system. Guangdong Grating has obtained multiple patents in relevant technical fields, achieved remarkable results as a leader in the industry, and excelled in manufacturing with high quality. To ensure the high quality and reliability of the products, Guangdong Grating has built large manufacturing workshops and labs at constant temperature and humidity, equipped with advanced production equipment, manufacturing techniques, and testing methods, which support the artificial simulation vibrating test and the EMC electromagnetic compatibility test. The company sticks to the product quality testing procedure to ensure that each grating scale delivered to customers meets the high-quality criteria of Guangdong Grating. It is committed to precision and strives for ever-higher quality. In the future, as a pioneer of measuring technology, Guangdong Grating will contribute to high-precision industrial processing and the rapidly-marching industrial revolution with its powerful technical strength.

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