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Linear scale-MK-600

The MK-300 grating ruler is the most widely used grating ruler. It has a reasonable structure, beautiful appearance design, durable material, and can meet the use of general machine tool users. The use length is 70-1020mm

Additional information

Grating distance:

0.02 mm, 50lines/mm







Cable length:

standard 3m (Length can be customized)

Power supply


Moving speed:

High-speed encoder 120 m/min(To be customized) Ordinary encoder 60m/min

Prode Details

Sealed linear encoders from GDXH are protected from dust, chips, and splash fluids and are ideal for operation on machine tools. The product has standard accuracy, good rigidity, flatness and sealing, and a beautiful appearance. The matching accessories and accessories can greatly reduce the installation man-hours for users, and non-professional personnel can also install and maintain them by themselves.

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